It is normal practice at Rovertune Ltd. to supply and fit Land Rover Genuine Parts to customer’s vehicles. The use of Land Rover Genuine Parts gives the customer piece of mind in that should failure of any part occur within 24 months from date of purchase (by ourselves) that part will be replaced free of charge and the customer will not be exposed to Rovertune Ltd’s, or the manufacturers labour charges for its replacement, as these costs are covered under the warranty.

However, we appreciate that some customers have encountered some difficult and extraordinary times over the past few years, enduring the failing economic climate, recession, government imposed cut-backs and low interest rates on savings, to name but a few. As a result, we have been asked, very occasionally, to fit OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) or AM (After Market) parts in order to save money when compared with the cost of the comparable Genuine Land Rover Part.

Customers wishing to follow this route should be aware that OEM/AM part manufacturers, or suppliers, will only warrant a part against failure over a set period of time, which can vary up to 24 months (the longer the warranty period, the higher the cost of the OEM/AM part). Also, no OEM/AM parts manufacturer, or supplier will accept any contribution whatsoever towards replacement labour costs should a part fail during their warranty period.  They will also not accept any liability for any consequential losses, or damage caused to any other item controlled by, or connected to, the part they supply. In situations where non Land Rover Genuine Parts are fitted to a vehicle, Rovertune Ltd. will pass onto the customer the same warranty conditions given with any specific part which will exclude replacement labour costs, or any other consequential losses.

Customers should be aware of this when specifically requesting the use of non Genuine Land Rover Parts, as any failure of a specific part could turn out to be a more expensive option than fitting a genuine part in the first place, once replacement labour costs are taken into consideration.

Rovertune Ltd, in some situations involving high cost repairs may offer the customer, where they consider appropriate, the opportunity to elect to have OEM parts as an alternative to Land Rover Genuine Parts in order to reduce the overall financial burden, but the customer must accept the warranty conditions provided. Also, it may be appropriate to consider the use of OEM parts for older vehicles. 

Customers who have purchased an Extended Warranty (other than an official Land Rover extended warranty) should be mindful that some insurance based warranties will not cover the costs of Genuine Land Rover Parts and insist on cheaper alternatives. In such cases, the customer has to accept the warranty provided by the parts manufacturer (i.e. labour costs not covered if a part fails and needs replacing during the warranty period), or agree alternatives with their warranty company. Also, some warranty companies may limit the amount they will sanction for labour costs and/or times allocated for repairs. In such cases, customers must agree to pay our current hourly labour rate and the time taken to undertake the authorised repair. Rovertune Ltd. reserve the right not to install some AM parts based upon their previous experience of reliability, materials used or country of origin.

A very small number of customers in the past have requested to supply their own parts to save money. Where this has happens the customer is reminded that the warranty provided by their supplier forms part of the contract between the customer and the supplier and if a part(s), or accessory fails during the warranty period it is the responsibility of the customer to resolve any matters associated with replacement costs directly with the supplier. Rovertune Ltd will not have any responsibility for the cost, or liability for any associated labour charges and consequential losses in this respect, unless of course it is found that the items had been installed incorrectly. Rovertune Ltd will NOT install any second hand parts, or aftermarket parts and fluids provided by a customer which are not deemed of suitable quality, or fit for purpose, and reserve the right to increase their standard labour charges on the work undertaken.

Where it is possible to repair gearboxes (Automatic and Manual) rather that the need to replace, this work will be undertaken by our specialist sub-contactor who offers up to three years warranty on repairs subject to certain conditions. Staff at Rovertune Ltd will advise customers of these at the time their vehicle is assessed and the appropriate method of repair is agreed. 

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